Food Service
We can provide your food service department with a wide variety of specialized chemical products. Two separate areas need to be addressed: the "back of the house," that is, food preparation and kitchen areas, and the "front of the house," food-serving areas, for example dining areas, employee break areas, cafeterias, and restrooms. Generally, our foodservice products can safely and effectively clean and disinfect most surfaces found in food consumption areas, while remaining safe enough to be used in the actual food preparation areas. Below is a partial list of a few of our most popular food service care related products.
Oven & Grill Kleaner:
Reduces the cleaning time of oven and grill surfaces by quickly removing carbonized grease and burnt-on residue.
Super Kleaner Purple (Concentrate):
Removes today's acrylic and highly burnished hard films.Works excellent on removing built up grease and other soils. This product work extremely well cleaning exhaust hoods and ventilation systems.
Dumpster Deodorizer:
As the name of this product implies, it will reduce odors associated with dumpster waiting to be emptied.
Fryer Boil Out Kleaner:
Powerful, caustic-based fryer cleaner formulated to help eliminate baked-on carbon and grease. Designed specifically for fryer clean outs.
Freezer Kleaner:
This product will not freeze-up while cleaning walk in freezers, or other refrigeration units.
Glass Kleaner:
A two in one product designed to clean glass, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, chrome and any hard surface.
Bathroom Kleaner:
A single product that cleans most surfaces found in public restrooms, including commodes, urinals, sinks, walls and floors.
Super Kleaner Lightning:
This product has thousand of uses and can be used in the front or in the back of the house.
Quarry Tile Kleaner:
A product designed for quarry tiles founs in many food preparation areas.