Many municipalities rely on Kleaner Solutions to provide products and services for all sorts of needs throughout the town or city. This included vehicle cleaning of; police cars, pickup trucks, off road equipment, street sweepers, city management fleet vehicles, EMS and fire trucks, and much more. We also provide many other chemicals used in and throughout their maintenance and repair garages. We also provide cleaners used in lift stations, and in municipality waste plants. Kleaner Solutions offers many products for the municipalities. Just a very few are listed below:
Asphalt & Tar Remover:
Cleans and removes asphalt from equipment almost instantly. Safe and easy to use on pavers, dump trucks, packers, shovels and almost anything with asphalt on it.
Pressure Washer Kleaner:
Built exclusively for running in pressure washers. It cleans almost anything.
Mildew Stain Remover:
A very good cleaner designed to remove mildew and other stains instantly. Contains Bleach.
Lift Station Kleaner:
Works very well for degreasing lift stations. Pleasantly scented degreaser works extremely well in cleaning and removing grease from lift station pumping equipment
Forming Oil:
Works extremely well on all concrete forms used in side walk construction and repairs.